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CALL FOR STUDENTS’ PARTICIPATION: Erasmus Intensive Programme - Education for Sustainable Development in Protected Areas Centre of Environmental Education of Amfissa, Greece, 6-19 July 2014

Dal 07.01.2014 al 20.03.2014

The project seeks to provide a high quality intensive education course to post-graduate students in order to effectively apply Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in various types of specially designated and Protected Areas (PAs) (Biosphere Reserves, National Parks, Natura 2000 sites, etc.). The project includes the overall preparation, organization –including the selection of participants- implementation and evaluation of a 14-days course on the topic as well as dissemination of the courses’ results. The project ultimately promotes the Protected Areas as "learning laboratories" ideal for applying education for sustainable development.
The course is largely based on the Resource Book for Educators of ES Europe and the Mediterranean entitled "Education for Sustainable Development in Biospheres Reserves and other Designated Areas”, jointly published by UNESCO and MIO-ECSDE. Read more on the Book:
The course will be based on the main ESD principles and methods including critical thinking, participatory processes, interdisciplinary and systemic approaches, as well as skills enhancing employability. There will be provision during the design/development phase of the course so as that all sessions to be learner centered, task-driven and group and/or peer work. The content is based on the aforementioned book and will be enriched with real scenarios: e.g. learners may compare management plans of PAs and draw conclusions; interview PA staff on the educational activities applied, etc.
Method of work:
More particularly all sessions will include three parts:
(i) a type of introductory- formative activity to elicit students’ knowledge and skills on the session’s topic;
(ii) the basic theoretical presentation/lecture;
(iii) the implementation activity (workshop) during which the students will apply the new knowledge i.e. issue analysis, problem solving exercises, future scenarios, values laden case studies, etc.
Furthermore, the course will include sessions devoted to field work. Students will be assigned with a several tasks during which they will be asked to make use of ICTs (i.e. websites, e-applications etc.
Participants will be evaluated frequently using various tools i.e. a short questionnaires, games, peer-evaluation, a reviewing exercise, etc. not only to assess their progress, but also in order to indicate whether some session should be adjusted to meet their needs. On the last day of the course students will participate in an evaluation session where they will have the opportunity to reflect on the IP in its totality. They will be asked to fill in evaluation questionnaires designed to assess the overall course (on aspects of
expected results, content methods applied, organization quality of the lectures/workshops behavioural change after the participation etc).
The course is addressed to post-graduate students (master/PhD level) of all relevant disciplines with genuine interest in gaining new competences enabling them to respond to the ever increasing demands on teaching and working on SD. The background of the candidates can be: Natural Sciences, Science and Technology on Environmental and Sustainability issues, Social Studies and Education.
The seats per University are as follows: University of Athens (8), Akdeniz University (4), Frederick University (4), Technical University of Catalunia (2), Technical University of Bordeaux (4), University of Padova (4), University of Primorska (4) and University of Zagreb (5).
The selection criteria for the participants are:  good level of English (at least C1 or B2)
 computer skills
 previous experience on topics related to Environmental Education (EE) or Education for Sustainable development (ESD)
 familiarity with Environmental and/or Educational topics.
Additionally gender balance will be attempted.
In order to apply for the Intensive Programme, you students need to submit in PDF Files to the national focal points (professors of the partner universities)
- a short CV together with a short abstract of their ongoing research (research questions, data, the methodology framework), including the necessary information concerning the above mentioned criteria for the selection. (Max length 2 pages)
- A motivation letter as cover explaining briefly why it is relevant to them and their personal motivation for taking part in such a course. (Max length 1 pages)
Applications should be submitted to the
1) University of Athens (Hellas):
2) Akdeniz University (Turkey):
3) Frederick University (Cyprus):
4) Technical University of Catalunia (Spain):
5) Technical University of Bordeaux (France):
6) University of Padova (Italy):
7) University of Primorska (Slovenia):
8) University of Zagreb (Croatia):
Participation outside the partners:
The above criteria would be applied also to a limited number of post graduate students not seeking support for travelling and subsistence that may be accepted and may originate from non-partner Universities. These should direct their applications to the organizers (
Deadline for applications: 20 March 2014.
The selection of the students will be done by the IP teacher group. The accepted students will be contacted personally via e-mail by the end of March 2014.
It is estimated that students participating in the IP will be awarded with 6 ECTS.
Certificates signed by all participating universities will be given to students that successfully complete the course
The course is free of charge. The IP project is funded with support from the European Commission-Lifelong Learning Programme. Travel arrangements will be made by the organizers and travel cost will be reimbursed to 90%.
For further information, please visit the project webpage: